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Business development

Our model is based on organic growth and strategic partnerships both for trading opportunities and procurement origination. Over the years our activities have enabled us to develop remarkable insights into the commodity sectors that are becoming increasingly interrelated. Equally, our strong physical presence throughout the value chain helps provide knowledge and identify the path for our continued growth. Partnerships with participants in global and local markets have played a key role in our business to date and will undoubtedly continue to do so as we move forward..

Partnership investment

SPARK can become an equity investor through joint ventures or a trading partner with long term off-take agreements. We have extensive experience in operating wholly or partially owned businesses in the dry commodity sector and can provide technical expertise to help develop an asset and realize its potential. By combining our skills with those of the asset owner we can create synergies that ultimately generate benefits for all. Coupled with our inherent trading expertise, we maximize financial opportunities by looking at assets differently. SPARK believes in partnerships. We commit to the relationship as much as to the asset itself.

Operational Risk Management

We apply extraordinary attention to detail in ensuring the operational suitability of the vessels, barges, trailers and wagons that we use to transport commodities. Shipping, cargo management, loading and unloading is overseen by dedicated experts together with independent inspection companies. Products in storage and the storage assets themselves are continuously monitored. We aim to consistently reach the highest standards with regard to our safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) activities, and maintain these standards wherever we operate.


Trading is at the heart of SPARK business. Our teams are highly experienced, global, multicommodity and asset-backed. SPARK has access to all traded commodities markets. We originate the physical transactions that support our customers’ businesses and help maintain the global balance between areas of excess and areas of need. In a marketplace where we see commodities growing ever-more interrelated, SPARK trading is global, multi-commodity and asset-backed. We source, we ship, we store, we blend and we transact. As a significant market participant in the futures and commodity benchmark markets, we offer the pricing structures and service excellence that create value for our customers throughout the supply chain.