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About Us

SPARK transacts commodities on a global scale.We are dynamic, responsible,
financially sound and growing!

Our History

Founded in 2011, SPARK has become a global commodities trading company. From the beginning, our management team aimed at becoming a global commodities company. Our culture is grounded in service, quality and efficiency. Thanks to a rigorous approach to risk management and compliance, SPARK is now one of the most successful privately owned businesses of its type in the world. Having begun with a focus on soft and hard commodity trading, our activities now encompass all key market products and a wide range of dry bulk commodities. We have also grown the physical elements of our business and operate a significant portfolio of assets, including production, logistics and storage interests. The SPARK network encompasses 1 oficial Headquarter and 4 Strategic alliance offices in 4 countries and the Group employs more than 20 people. We trade in more than 20 countries. .

Our Activities

SPARK is a world leader in trading of physical products and bulk commodities. Our core business is sourcing, supplying and trading of a wide range of products We enhance our trading activities with strategic procurement endeavors into market places where we operate and enabling us to optimize the supply chain. We help our suppliers grow to have a better market offering for our clients.

Corporate Responsibility

SPARK is proud to act as a responsible corporate citizen in all we do, wherever we do it. The Group manages its activities with the highest regard for the wellbeing of people, places and the environment. SPARK is part of the world’s transition towards a greener economy. We have adopted environmental products into our portfolio at the early stages. The activities we undertake are managed to the highest environmental, health and safety standards.
In the communities where we operate, we employ local people to manage and run our facilities. This helps to create more sustainable businesses. SPARK approach is to act responsibly and to be a leader in good corporate practice. We always adopt and adhere to the best in class standards as required by the world’s most rigorous regulatory regimes

Social responsibility

In many ways, both big or small, SPARK and its people give time and effort to support communities and the environment. SPARK is more than a business; we are part of society. As a group, we contribute to developing opportunities that improve life in the communities where we are active.

Our people

SPARK is a truly diverse company where talent is combined with experience to drive our business forward. Our success is built on the skill set, experience and anticipation of entrepreneurs and leaders in their field. People are the basic capital of our company. We recruit the very best and also grow our own talent. In all our offices and facilities, you will find outstanding individuals working to high standards as part of a powerful, worldwide team

Working at SPARK

The SPARK culture is entrepreneurial while being rigorous and highly disciplined We empower and our ethos is entrepreneurial. We encourage people to make decisions and be responsible for their outcomes. Our approach is founded in teamwork and we also recognize individual contribution.